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Glues.com brings together the supply and demand of industrial glues and sealants in North America. We invest in new, online sales opportunities for the manufacturers within the industry, and guarantee end-users the best possible gluie and sealant solutions.

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Are bonding and sealing integral parts of your production process, and are you looking for information? Do you need glues or sealants for a specific process? Or are you interested in learning more about process efficiency enabled by glues and sealants?

Glues.com is the place to be! We offer information on industrial bonding and sealing as well as provide you with the opportunity to connect with glue and sealant experts in the US and Canada. Through our extensive network, the experience and expertise of the big players of the industry are within your reach.

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Metal adhesives for the aviation industry
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About Glues.com

Glues.com is a platform dedicated to providing information to anyone in need of industrial glues or sealants especially in the US and Canada. Glues.com is a part of AdhesivePlatform.

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Whatever you may want to know about glues and sealants, we are here to help! Do you wish to find the best system for your application, or are you looking to boost process efficiency by using the right product, method and equipment? Contact us for any glue and sealant enquiries.

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Glues and Sealants

Glues and sealants are becoming more and more preferred in many industries, replacing mechanical bonds and fasteners. Design freedom, lighter weight and increased reliability are merely few arguments that speak for the use of glues and sealants instead of screws, bolts, welds or other conventional fasteners. Sealants are used for sealing gaps, joints, overlaps and seams usually making them watertight. Glues, for their part, bond materials together and are used for example for frames, profiles and panels.

Choosing the Right Glues & Sealants

As the adhesives, glues and sealants market offers a wide range of different systems, choosing the best solution for your project may be more challenging than one might think. What are the requirements of the substrate? What about the demands of the specific environment? Glues.com was set up by our adhesive and sealant specialists to offer answers for these questions, and to make sure everyone in need of industrial glues, adhesives and sealants has access to the information, consultancy and free quotes. Do not hesitate to contact us for any sealant and glue related questions!

Glue & Sealant Consultancy

Finding the best bonding or sealing system for a specific project is not as simple as it may seem. Choosing the system entails much more than picking one and applying it. Many factors must be taken into account in order to make the choice that benefits your product and process the most. The choice should be made based on the substrate, environment, application method and the impact to process efficiency. When you want to achieve the best possible results, it is time to turn to an expert.

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Glues.com is the leading online resource for the sealants and adhesives industry in North America. The platform offers information and consultancy to anyone working with industrial sealants, adhesives and glues from designers and engineers to architects and contractors.   

In case you are in need of expertise in glues, adhesives and sealants for your project, or are looking for alternatives to your current suppliers, feel free to use our quote service, completely free of charge, and let our experts help you get the most out of glues, adhesives and sealants in your project.