applying sound insulation adhesive on a wall with a trowel

Sound insulation adhesive for tiles

Crack protection and sound insulation adhesive for tiles and stones

Traditionally sound proofing of floor and wall tiling is realized by membrane or mat installations which are costly and time consuming methods compared to a sound insulation adhesive. This adhesive, intended for floor and wall tiles is strong, relatively cheap and easy to under tiles and stones prior to tiling. The mortar-like adhesive additionally protects the tiling from cracks originating from the substrate.

Benefits of crack and sound proofing tiles with adhesive

Strong, efficient and crack proof, the sound insulating adhesive mortar consists of a mix of advanced polymers, rubber fillers and reinforcing fibers. The adhesive mortar is extremely strong thanks to Kevlar fibers incorporated in the system. The flexibility of the sound insulation adhesive comes from rubber fillers. The polymer mix gives the sound insulation mortar its ability to protect from sound transmission and prevent cracking. Additionally, this mix of ingredients brings along several other benefits as described below.

floor tile installation with sound insulation adhesive
Sound insulation adhesive can be applied easily and fast improving time and cost efficiency of the project.
  • Easy to apply: the sound and crack proofing tile adhesive is easy to apply as it is a single component product. Only water is added to give it a liquidized state.
  • Eco friendly: the sound insulating adhesive for tiles consists of post consumer recycled materials for over 30% and has low VOC making it an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Lightweight: next to being a single component mortar, the crack and sound insulation mortar is extremely light weight, which improves workability.
  • Antimicrobial: for many floors and walls, it is important that no microorganisms such as mold and mildew can attach to them. Therefore, this tile adhesive is antimicrobial and prevents growth of mold and mildew.
  • Efficient: One of the most important benefits of realizing sound insulation using an adhesive is the efficiency. It is easy and fast to apply as well as cost efficient. Labor costs are also reduced due to the fact that the tile adhesive and sound insulation are applied in one go is a single system.

Standards in the US and Canada

Not only does the sound and crack adhesive come with many benefits, but it also complies to the most important American and international standards. The product has been granted a GREENGUARD certificate, and it complies with LEED regulations. The sound insulation adhesive has, additionally, been tested according to several other standards:

  • Impact sound insulation to AS and ANSI standards, meeting and exceeding the requirements.
  • Crack isolation to ANSI, American National Standard specification.
  • Single component adhesive mortar according to AS ISO 13007

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Looking for an efficient solution four crack protection and sound insulation for your tiling? Sound insulation adhesive mortar, which can be applied as a regular tile mortar, offers a perfect solution for crack and sound proofing interior wall and floor tiling. Contact us for more information on the product and getting in touch with suppliers.

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