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Superior pre-mixed grout

Pre-mixed grout – easy and as durable as epoxy

Pre-mixed grout has been on the market for a while now, however, it has not always been the go-to solution for humid areas such as showers and bathrooms. Some of us also know all too well that pre-mixed systems should not be applied to full immersion applications like pools. Or should they?

The newest, most revolutionary pre-mixed systems show excellent performance in showers and other wet areas, and they are even suitable for grouting pool tiles! Where 2K epoxy is traditionally used, a pre-mixed system can now be applied without the risk of soft seams, cracks or deterioration. Pre-mixed grouting systems are fast and easy to apply, and they are just as strong as epoxy grout.

Properties and benefits of pre-mixed grout

Pre-mixed grout has been tile installers ́ favorite system for high-efficiency applications for years. However, the performance of the grout has been a problem, and the reason why more demanding applications usually rely on regular grouts instead of pre-mixed systems.

Fortunately, years of research and development have resulted in a pre-mixed product which performs like epoxy grout without the complicated mixing process prior to application. This grout also comes with other beneficial properties:

  • Convenience: no pre-mixing as well as fast and easy application remarkably increases efficiency.
  • Versatility: the pre-mixed grout is approved for both interior and exterior use offering a greater range of possible applications with one product.
  • Strength: this pre-mixed system is just as strong as traditional epoxy grout even though it does not contain epoxy resin.
  • Consistency: the system contains very fine aggregate and has a creamy consistency, which makes the texture of the grout easy and pleasant to work with.
  • Chemical resistance: one of the main problems previously experienced with pre-mixed systems was poor chemical resistance. The new, revolutionary formulation, nonetheless, is resistant to a broad range of chemicals.
  • Appearance: this grout results in natural and neat seams. The color of the grout is long lasting; discoloration is rarely experienced.
  • Low VOC: this pre-mixed system is environmentally friendly and has close to zero VOC value. It is also free of epoxy resin, which reduces the risk of allergic reaction.
  • Steam resistance: next to the other benefits, this product is steam proof meaning that it performs excellently in wet areas like showers and pools.
  • Stain proof: maintenance-wise pre-mixed grouting solution is not demanding: it is practically stain proof and water cleanable.

Grout that complies with ANSI 118.3

pre-mixed grout being applied to grey wall tiles
The new pre-mixed grout is the first pre-mixed system to comply with ANSI 118.3 making it suitable for commercial installations.

Never before has pre-mixed grout complied with ANSI 118.3, the American National Standard specifications for chemical resistant, water cleanable tile setting and grouting epoxy. The newest, most innovative grout, nonetheless, meets the requirements of this American standard.

In order to comply with ANSI 118.3, the product has been tested for four factors, and it passes them all.

  • Compressive strength
  • Shear strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Thermal shock

Due to compliance with ANSI 118.3, the pre-mixed grouting solution is approved for use in commercial installations.

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